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July 2024 The Church of God (Seventh Day) in Australia will soon begin online Bible classes. Emmaus Equipping Bible Classes is designed to equip believers to effectively and authentically serve within the church community. More information coming soon.

March 2024! The Church of God (Seventh Day) in Australia convened in Mundaring, Western Australia, for the convention 0n 20-23 March 2024. Attended by delegates from across the country, the theme of the conference was “Today, and that Day.” The event was noted for its love, quality of services, seminars and activities including a business session. Participants also enjoyed a bus tour through suburban Perth, ending up for dinner in Fremantle. The group photo below was taken following the final worship service on Sabbath just prior to a fellowship luncheon.

Australian Convention March 2024
Australian Convention, March 2024

Baptism, March 2023! Congratulations to Emma on her baptism into Christ, in the Swan River, Western Australia. Elder Joshua Anderson facilitated the baptism, with the laying of hands including Pastor John and Pilar Echeverria.

Baptism of Emma
Church of God (Seventh Day) Australia

Super Sabbath

 A Super Sabbath was held on 3-5 March 2023 in Woodville North, Adelaide, SA. All church members across Australia were invited. Each day began with a free breakfast, followed by engaging workshops, worship services, children's activities, free lunch and a concert Saturday afternoon.

Church of God (Seventh Day) Australia

Dedication of the Children

In the past few months we have had three Dedication/Blessing of the Children services, with baby Winter, Ezekiel and pictured here Esther.

We pray for God's divine protection, guidance, counsel and blessing on all our precious little ones.

Church of God (Seventh Day) Australia

The Edifier Magazine

It The latest edition of The Edifier magazine is now available for PDF download and mailing.

Church of God (Seventh Day) Australia

Ordination 17/09/2022

We are joyous to announce the ordination to Elder of Joshua Anderson today, 17 September 2022. The service was held at Mundaring in Western Australia, with pastors Phil and John officiating. Intercessory prayers for Joshua and wife Leah followed the ordination service. A cake was shared with everyone following services

Church of God (Seventh Day) Australia

Ordination prayer

Both pastors John and Phil prayed and anointed Joshua in the laying on of hands ceremony, asking for God's pouring out and counsel of His Holy Spirit. Pastor Phil spoke via video link, recognising the role Leah has as an active supporter and helper in ministry work. We rejoice in the Lord for being able to share in His good work among us.

Church of God (Seventh Day) Australia

With sadness 31/10/2022

It is with profound sadness we announce the death of Pastor Phil Kordahi. Phil loved the LORD, loved God's people, and devoted his life in the service of others, having served the church in Australia for 29 years. In the past few months, Phil had been receiving medical attention for a heart condition. May the God of all comfort and encouragement in the Holy Spirit, lift our hearts, strengthen our faith, and aid us in looking forward to that glorious day of resurrection.

Church of God (Seventh Day) Australia


We've just implemented a new Search feature on our church website. This local search engine only indexes our website, and does not rely on any external tech. We trust that this additional service assist our web viewers more easily find the information they're looking for.

Church of God (Seventh Day) Australia

New Domain

We've just acquired an additional domain of Our previous domain of many years has worked well, however, the dot-com domain indicates a company or business, of which we're neither. Because we're an incorporated association Church of God (Seventh Day) Australia Inc., the new .au domain is more appropriate. We'll run both domains in parallel for the foreseeable future.

Church of God (Seventh Day) Australia

Current Advert

We're currently running a video advert via YouTube for the duration of September 2022, introducing viewers to our church's hope of bodily resurrection in Jesus Christ. Titled "Madeline Will Live Again". This one minute video is both comforting and confronting. Thanks to the Perth and Adelaide churches for their outreach sponsorship.

Baptism, April 2022! Congratulations Michael and Erin on your baptism into the Body of Christ.

Congratulations Michael and Erin

Baptisms in Sydney

In February 2021, the church in Sydney welcomed two more to the new life in Christ. Sarah was baptised in Sydney Harbour by pastor Phil, and two days later, Daniel was baptised by pastor John. Travel restrictions have eased somewhat in Australia as new outbreaks of coronavirus have been quickly contained.


Regular Sabbath worship

The churches in Australia located in Mundaring, WA, Auburn, NSW and Woodville North in SA are now meeting regularly. The church in Essendon, VIC, is still affected by coronavirus lock-down and restrictions. Please continue to pray for a speedy resolution to the ongoing issues affecting many Victorians.

New baby

New baby

In January, Joshua and Leah Anderson in Western Australia, welcomed their third son, Nathaniel John Anderson. A little brother to Manasseh and Titus. (Update: November 2022. The Andersons now welcome their 4th son, Ezekiel James Anderson!)

Church camp
Church camp at Jurien Bay, WA, March 2021. Pictured during Sabbath worship services.

Monthly Monday Prayer

Call to prayer

Mid-week Bible Study

Join us for mid-week Bible Study every Tuesday at 4:30pm WA time, 7:00pm SA time, and 7:30pm Eastern Australia time.

Connect using Zoom. (It's free)
Call or text 0417 177 683 for password

Start planning now for the 2022 Australian General Conference, bringing together brothers and sisters from across Australia for several days of inspiring worship, fellowship, Bible teaching, and planning.

October 2020 The church in Adelaide recently hosted a banquet lunch following services.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions and the general uncertainty affecting church life meeting plans, shortly after resumption of services the church in Adelaide, South Australia, planned a wedding banquet.

Celebrating the wedding of Brenton and Anna were friends and family in the faith. Pastor Phil said that this had been the first fellowship meal the church had enjoyed since being unable to meet earlier this year.

Adelaide church banquet

Online Donation Facility

July 13, 2020 Last week we finally completed the work of creating our Australia-wide church's online donation facility. It's available to anyone who would like to contribute tithes/offerings/donations using this feature.

Donations are utilised solely for the furtherance of sharing the gospel, both here in Australia and supporting missions work overseas. Our pastors in Australia work voluntarily and do not receive any funding. Some funds in the past year have helped improve our livestreaming work. 

If you encounter any issues, or have any suggestions that might make the transaction easier, please let us know. Thank you for your faith and generosity in Jesus Christ.

The Australian General Conference was held in Adelaide, South Australia on January 7-11, 2020. Churches from across Australia were represented, together with overseas visitors. The theme of the conference was "United in Fellowship and Committed to Discipleship". Each day of the conference featured worship services, and afternoon activities included a future planning seminar, an IMC presentation, a games night, and a fun show. Many commented how much they enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere allowing ample time for fellowship.

Australian General Conference
Sydney services

Sydney Church

Visitors and friends enjoyed the first Church of God (Seventh Day) Sabbath worship service in Lidcombe in June 2019, with monthly services planned over the next few months.

Pastors Phil Kordahi and John Klassek, together with their wives, facilitated the service.


Live Streaming

The church in Mundaring, Western Australia, are now live-streaming weekly Sabbath Services. An initial trial via Facebook proved to be a remarkable success, with now a dedicated streaming page via a YouTube embedded stream. Click here.


Melbourne Church

The Church of God (Seventh Day) now meets in Melbourne, with the first Sabbath worship service held in Essendon. See worship information for upcoming service dates and venue.

Church Camp

Church Camp

Members and friends enjoyed a church camp at Willowbrook Farm in Western Australia in late March 2019. Sabbath worship was held outdoors.

Sunday morning was complimented by a pancake and scone breakfast. The relaxing rural environment lent itself to good fellowship and "strengthening the ties that bind" us to  Christ.



Pastors Phil Kordahi and Hector Renderos facilitated the ordination of John Klassek (Elder) to Pastor on 2 March 2019.

Phil prayed for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and Hector prayed for strength in times of suffering. John pastors the Church of God (Seventh Day) in Western Australia.

Super Sabbath

 Super Sabbath

The Church of God (Seventh Day) in Australia hosted a Super Sabbath weekend in Adelaide, South Australia, on 2 March 2019.

The featured theme was "Bible Based" and "Distinct, Yet Inclusive". Members and friends travelled to the event from across Australia. 

Philippines 2017

Philippines 2017

Pastor Phil Kordahi, from Adelaide, SA, recently visited our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Philippines during their General Conference. Phil mentioned he enjoyed a great time of warmth and fellowship, with a great desire to share the journey within the International Ministerial Congress of the Church of God (Seventh Day).


Two people were recently baptised in the shores near Adelaide, over the past couple of months. Pastor Phil Kordahi commented that this was a great time of joy for everyone, with very good attendance at each of the baptism.

The Church of God (Seventh Day) teaches baptism by immersion for all who have repented of their sins and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

General Conference


The Church of God (Seventh Day) held its General Conference on 9-13 January 2018. With members attending from all parts of Australia, as well as visiting speakers from Myanmar and New Zealand, the conferences' theme was "Christ Centred, Spirit Formed". Featuring inspiring sermons, a well rehearsed worship band, as well as lots of fellowship, many commented that this conference was the best yet. Thanks be to our God for His providence and blessing!

General Conference

Conference 2018

The Church of God (Seventh Day) in will be celebrating our General Conference in Adelaide, South Australia, in January 9-13, 2018. The theme of the conference is "Christ Centred, Spirit Formed".

This conference is held every two years, and you're invited. Book your accommodation early!


Perth Church

The Church of God (Seventh Day) in Perth and the Avon region in Western Australia has been meeting for Sabbath worship since January 2017 at the Church of Christ venue in Mundaring, in the Perth Hills.

If you're visiting, living near Perth, or from the country, you're welcome to join us for worship and fellowship.

11:00am, 1470 Stoneville Road
Mundaring, Western Australia

New Zealand

New Zealand

Elder David Kidd and his wife Angela moved from Adelaide, South Australia, to Tauranga in New Zealand.

They have now initiated a new Sabbath fellowship in Ohauiti, Tauranga.

For more information, see their new website at

Grace and Truth in Jesus Christ.

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